Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the next #YCC?

#YCCEast is rocking the MidAtlantic district in September 2018. We will be at Crossroads Church of the Nazarene in Ellicott City, MD from Friday morning, March 28 to Sunday lunch on March 30. You can register here:

How will I know who the speakers are or what the full schedule is?

Join Young Clergy Network! Members are always the first to know what we’re up to. Joining is free, AND you might just get a member discount off of the conference price *wink*. For more details, check out YCN here.

How do I register?

You can register here:

Where is the location of #YCCEast?

#YCCEAST will take place at Crossroads Church of the Nazarene in Ellicott City, MD.

Who is behind Young Clergy Conference?

Young Clergy Network and the MidAtlantic District of the Church of the Nazarene have teamed up to make this happen.

How young is young?

We define young as 40(ish) or under, but we’re not asking you when your birthday is. We trust your better judgment. Mentors are able to come as well! Details on the “old(er)” FAQ below.

How clergy is clergy?

We don’t monitor this closely, either. Do you have a call to ministry of some sort? Are you a ministry student? Do you wanna come support young pastors? Is your spouse coming and you don’t wanna be left out? Come on over!

I’m a Young *not-Nazarene* pastor, can I attend Young Clergy Conference?

Of course, you can! Some of the content and breakout sessions are focused on Church of the Nazarene-related topics, but you’ll get something out of it, we promise.

I’m an old(er) Nazarene pastor, can I attend Young Clergy Conference?

We’re very open to having older mentors/volunteers at the conference! #YCC is meant to be targeted, but not exclusionary. Our only request is that Mentor Attendees intentionally listen more than they speak. If you have any questions, you can email us at

I’d love to volunteer! How do I sign up?

Anyone can “sign up” to volunteer by purchasing a Volunteer Registration (instead of a regular conference registration). You’ll be required to help out for 6 hours over the course of the 3 days and come at 4pm Sunday evening for a special volunteer orientation. But, hey, your registration is super cheap and you get a free t-shirt! Registration (and Volunteer Registration) is happening here:

I have an accommodation question.

We’re offering young clergy the opportunity to stay with local church families in airbnb-style accommodations. In other words, purchasing a Local Accommodation Pass will guarantee you a bed, couch, or air mattress for the three nights of the conference: September 27, 28, and 29.  These Local Accommodation Passes are available on a first come, first-served basis on the registration page here: More questions? Email us at